Our Creativity Is Yours Now

We live in an era of miracles. There are genius inventors around us. We believe that innovative ideas make the World go around. We are eager to make them reality. At SPUTNIK GOODS, World For Crack we created the winning formula to become a life-long companion for businesses. The company keeps adding value through the entire product journey, from the idea level to the successful realization.


You have the idea, the concept, a note, or just a picture. Now you need to double your capacities to come up with visuals and detailed designs. Now you can rely on our engineering capacities as well.


A design for manufacturing helps you to guarantee the quality, delivery and price are right first time. We also help you with sourcing the right, qualified suppliers to keep your spirits high. Tools, test runs and final assembly.


If you already have established products, or a product line, and you are considering entering a new market, your product might benefit from a boost in creative design. Even if it is a little adjustment or a complete reset.


We are constantly in the process of looking out for and coming up with ways of applying new technologies and elegant solutions. We do it for our products, why not join us and share it together?


We Walk The Talk

We don’t only design your products, we also launch ours. Join with us on the product journey, so we can share our experience and you can tap into our resources.


The Work We Love

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.


How We Work

Although no two products are the same, the product design and development process is fairly similar. Who thought that it would be so easy to translate your ideas into reality. We face and solve real challenges when it comes to execution.


We put our visual, mechanical and electrical engineering capacities into work to tailor your product to your expectations.


In many cases you need a complimentary app for the product. We do UI designs, programming and firmware engineering.


From the assembly lines, straight into the hearts. We engage all senses when we develop a branding strategy for your products.


The first evidence of our brainpower in action. Get the feeling of the product and get inspiration for the next steps.


Every component is available. We source your parts from our supplier partners, who do not rest until they find what we need. Fast and reliable access.


Design is important, but execution is everything. We can manufacture and deliver your products in small or large quantities.

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