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Our Company

Sputnik Goods is a product realizing company with a global leverage.


As leading innovators, we take a full-scale initiative and make things to happen. We effectively combine resources and get the most out of the opportunity, with our own, and for your own products. We believe this philosophy achieves the required result, every time.


We harness engineering brainpower. In our team there are electrical engineers, software developers, graphic and mechanical designers, who can quickly turn the ideas into reality, with quality and design always in the center.


We have got the experience to proceed to the next levels. Expediting and managing products into production – from small batches to large scale – and into the markets – branding and design with a strong dedication to succeed.

The Mission

Our Responsibility

The manufacturing of the products are not only a job for us but a mission. We collected our experience under our products manufacturing processes, looking for the perfection. We are working with our clients’ products as with our products.


Our Approach

We believe that a product’s design should not just be about the forms, the sketches or just the functionality, but a minimalistic simplification of them all. Only the simplest functionality should be presented in a product, no matter how complex the basic functions are in and of themselves. Simplicity is perfection itself. We follow this principle in manufacturing as well.

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