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AWA Care Home Pissoir Sink

A home pissoir sink and a new kind of fast electronic urinalysis method. This is the AWA Care Home Pissoir Sink, a revolution for private restrooms.
Keep your hands, your intimate body parts and your health clean.

The AWA Care Home Pissoir Sink combines the shape of a sink and its running water grooming function. This new combination enables both the washing of hands and the intimate body parts of men. At the same time, it can analyze your urine with a built-in sensor. It can easily be mounted in every home. It includes a hidden drain – pipe, and due to its special shape, fitting in the home pissoir sink prevents urine or wastewater from ever getting in contact with the users’ clothes or floor.


The urine’s composition is analyzed by sensors and the results are sent to a smartphone app, e.g., to draw attention to possible diseases, measure the alcohol content and provide other various health related data. The built-in sensor recognizes the same chemical components within the urine that are observed during medical analysis. The home pissoir sink will notify you with light and sound in case the readings deviate from the normal values. In case of deviation from normal values, the users have the chance to connect via Bluetooth and download the report, which they are then able to send to their doctor or healthcare professional.

Design and Tech

The AWA Care Home Pissoir Sink’s development is not limited to a new functional design for the product, but comes with unique sensor technology, which can quickly analyze the urine – enabling clinical, sport and dietetic utility. The technology revolutionizes the current manual methods, the time intensive diagnostic technology, manual procedures and capital-intensive laboratory facilities, all in a cost-effective way, providing a fast, personal, electronic diagnosis.


The sensor diagnoses the quality factors of the urinal color, clarity, specific gravity (normal level: 1001-1035), ph (nomal level: 4,5-8,5 ph), protein (lrg), glucose, crystals, acetone, potassium, blood and other metabolism information, which provides insights for the user about the condition of their health. In today’s world where fitness and other health inputs are vital for health, for conscious customers, urinalysis is the next frontier of technological innovation.

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    1 January, 2018


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