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E-ink Concepts

E-ink Nail display is a fashion accessory which you can change the pattern of using your smartphone. This technology features some sensations: paper thin, cuttable display, rare-earth magnet painting technology to attach the displays to nails, energy harvesting technology in the displays, it doesn’t need charging, and works without any external energy.

The SurfACE Glasses is unique glasses with e-ink surface. You can change or design the pattern of your glasses using a dedicated application. You can design the pattern, by taking photo adding text or edit your composition. Free your frames.

The LeafBook is a real page-turning e-book device. Every page of the LeafBook is a double-sided e-ink display. By flipping through the booklet, the subsequent pages are displayed as you physically turn a page. This is how this electronic book is imitating the reading experience of a traditional printed book. The saddle of the e-book reader is a mono-block cylinder made from aluminum, which includes the page-turning-mechanics with the complete set of electronics.

E-ink Case is a smart phone case with customizable patterns, and can display a variety of static pictures. With the E-ink Case the customers can customize the phone-case, express their emotions day by day!

E-ink Mural is a paper-like electronic display in a frame. The display is not equipped with the usual LCD or OLED technology like most of the screens, but with E-ink technology, which genuinely reflects the paper-based drawings. You can change the pictures/patterns on the E-ink Mural using your smartphone, via a dedicated application. The built-in battery with an energy harvesting solution does not need an external energy source to make the E-ink Mural work. You are free to position the E-ink Mural anywhere on your wall, as no current supply or cables corrupt the experience.

E-ink Pass is a HID proximity card, an access badge with a built-in e-ink display which can show the users’ profile picture, name and title or position or any desired information.

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    E-ink Concepts

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    1 June, 2015


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