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Fucktron Glass Keyboard

Winner of European Product Design Award 2018!

The Fucktron Glass Keyboard is a stretched display device. You can use it as a keyboard, a medical input device, a shared or full display, or as a game console, with mixed reality. The display is a fixed, borderless, transparent OLED display with a touchscreen surface. The Fucktron Glass Keyboard can be used wirelessly for short periods of time, however, it is recommended to connect it with the computer via USB cable, be it an OSX or Windows operating system.

The surface of the Fucktron Glass Keyboard has an antiseptic coating. Because of that, it is very easy to keep clean and free from bacteria, making it ideal for use in the healthcare industry. In the Healthcare sector, the Fucktron Glass Keyboard is ideal for use with a range of diagnostic tools (for example with ultrasound and X-ray apparatus), as it displays information required for a variety of diagnostic equipment in the same language as the command was given.

We use haptic feedback for typing, with the help of the special built in technology, we call it a Dynamic Surface. The Dynamic Surface is a special foil in the surface of the Fucktron Glass Keyboard. We make this foil from electroactive polymers (namely these are dielectric elastomers). It gives a haptic feedback exactly where you touched the surface. Without compromising on quality, we can offer the traditional user experience of typing on a keyboard.

All off the world’s keyboards contained within one device! In the Fucktron Glass Keyboard you can change the keyboard layout, the background, the color schemes with only just one click, it includes all the keyboard layouts of the world. The product is manufactured to contain every keyboard layout available in the world.
You can split your display into 2 parts: keyboard and buttons or videos of software currently in use. This is how you can conjure your keyboard to a DJ audio-mixer, to a video display, to a game console, to a control panel of an X-ray machine or anything else what you want.

Simultaneously whilst using the keyboard, you can also mirror your phone’s screen. And of course, it is not just that your phone’s screen appears on the Fucktron Glass Keyboard, but you can control all the functions available on your phone, and operate them, be it an iOS or Android operating system.

We are developing a software driver framework for Fucktron Glass Keyboard. The framework makes it possible for software developers to make the individual controls (which are buttons defined by the user) appear on the Fucktron Glass Keyboard’s divided screen, in a very easy way. This means that virtually any software function’s buttons can appear on the Fucktron Glass Keyboard’s surface. However, in addition to this, there are many other functions built into the framework, which help enhance the user experience, for example, in Microsoft Word, the Fucktron Glass Keyboard can automatically change the keyboard to the language used in the document. The framework has been made completely free, so that the endless possibilities of the open-source software are available for any developer.

The Fucktron Glass Keyboard is also very easy to use and ideal for use as a monitor or even to watch a wide-screen film. In addition, it also offers hours of entertainment, as the Fucktron Glass Keyboard can also be used as a game console. The grips on the body of the device are perfectly suited purpose. Holding it in your hands, it offers a dynamic, mixed-reality supported VR gaming experience.

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    1 January, 2018


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  1. TJ

    I am very interested in buying the glass fucktron FULL DJ Set up, I just need a cost and time it may take… Thank you,

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