We Build Products

Manufacturing is our passion.

Manufacturing Is Our Passion

An impeccable design is not yet all, as the product comes alive in the production phase.
Be it a small batch or mass-production, we take full responsibility for the whole process.


We design and create all the tools needed to start the process. From a simple injection molding to highly complex metal technologies, we deliver it.


To start building, you need the components, which are either custom- or ready-made. We source the right components for your product.


We use novel assembly technologies to achieve high-quality outcomes. With our supply chain you are set to win.

What we offer

Our Manufacturing Services

Our experienced colleagues’ practical, hands-on manufacturing skills can make your vision become reality.


Design for Manufacturing is the essential bridge between concepts and production. It includes 3D CAD file reviews, assembly analysis, a check for manufacturability on a per-component basis and can foresee and anticipate key challenges regarding quality. Detailed designs which eliminates all variables. We have to precisely know, the who, when, where, what, how and why. It is like composing an opera, just on a dirtier stage.


We source Qualified Contract Manufacturers, suppliers and vendors. We send out the request for components (or services) to a pool of qualified contract manufacturers to develop a quote. The quote includes tooling costs (if any), timelines, payment schedule, unit prices, and minimum batch quantities. We believe our long-term supplier partners have favorable terms and conditions regarding all aspects of the quote, which meet our expectations.


We support Pre-Production Engineering, Fixtures, Tooling, Pilot Production and the complete Production process. Depending on the complexity of the product, this process can take up to 3 to 6 months, based on the technical specification of the finished product. Local presence, fast iteration and effective communication are like oil in the process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. This stage is critical and should not be omitted, otherwise your costs, deadlines and headaches will just grow further.